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19/10/2019 : Added a Gloom demo level's MAP of Amiga Power. (Sorry, I didn't notice it! )
05/4/2019 : Updated "Batman Forever (SFC version)" pages.
20/12/2018 : Added information to Peg Solitaire games / Xmas games lists.
Administrator: nittamituaki, a retro gaming enthusiast
 In 2000s: played loads of commercial titles for 8bit~16bit consoles
 In 2010s: played Amiga games on "Amiga CD32" console +FDD
 2014~: Release of new games for Amiga (to play on CD32+FDD)
             Playing tons of freeware created for 8bit~16bit consoles

This website is for all games (regardless commercial / freeware)
that work on following CONSOLEs.

We ignore new games which don't work on these consoles.
(Especially "PC games" that work on modern PC/Smart phones exclusively
 would be excluded at this website. Thanks in advance.)


Gloom MOD Information
 New maps & awesome total conversions.
 See also "Gloom Information Page" and
 "Gloom Maps Quick Viewer".
Amiga FPS History & Titles
 Actually we can play many titles on CD32.
 Amiga FPS history seems to be similar
 to that of Amiga itself.
Jet Set Willy Paradise!
 There are many JSW inspired games
 for Amiga. New games are also created
 by each map editor.
Secret Project "X"
 Now 100% of Japanese contents of
 "X" has been translated into English.
 Then, adding English contents.
Secret Project "Y"
 Of course, those Japanese contents
 should be translated into English...
Christmas Games Collection
  Many commercial/ homebrew games
  on retro consoles. Feel xmas.
Peg Solitaire Games Collection
 You can play almost games for free.
 I show details of them here...
Vintage Hunchback World
 Many ZX Spectrum games and
  some Amiga free games...
Blob Games Collection
  Commercial/ homebrew games
  on retro consoles. Control your blobs.
The hardest 2D platform games
out of any Amiga games (TOP9)

 Hellishly hard commercial games...
Ultima series & similar games
 Coming someday...
Other Amiga games
 See my reviews/guides for Amiga games
 which can't be divided into any classes
 in my webpage.

  External Links

Old Contents (Sorry, written in Japanese...)

Batman Games
 ALL video games titles
 in the 20th century.
Super Star Wars series (SNES)
 Full walkthrough guide
 for JEDI mode !! Many screenshots.
Addams Family Games
 ALL video games titles until 2002.
 Many pictures/ guides...
Difficulty RANK of
2D platformer (Mainly 8~16bit era)

 What is the hardest game
 in my 140+ games collection!?
Comparing Battletoads' difficulty
 NES version vs CD32 version
 NES version vs Gameboy version
Comparing Dragon's Lair series
 NES (NA/ PAL/ JP) version
 Gameboy version
PLOK's House
 HA HA HA ...!!
 A fan-made GIF images of
 my favorite character.
Disney Cartoon Games
 ALL video games titles
 for 16bit consoles. (except pirate games)
Pirate Lion King series
 Ultimate collection of
 unofficial Lion King series
 for 8bit & 16bit consoles (Lol !)
SEGA 32X & 32X CD games
 Here're my ultimate collection &
 walkthrough guide, and much more!
About SEGA Zone (Reactor)
 In this page, I mentioned the history
 and hundreds of titles.
Unreleased TurboGrafx games in Japan
 Both TG-16 titles and Turbo CD/DUO
 titles. Some titles are just garbage! ;)
Sega CD games LIST
 Especially I mentioned 2D platformers a lot.
Populous II (Mega Drive version) guide
 Covered all 200 worlds (=1000 levels).
Lemmings 2 Strategy Guide for Classic levels
 For 100 % !! It's surely possible.
Brazil exclusive games for MD/SMS
 Strategy guides for "Nightmare Circus"
 and "Duke Nukem 3D" are also included!
PAL exclusive games for MD/SNES
 At least platformers are 100% covered.
 Compatibility List are also included.
Difficulty RANK of FPS games
 All titles for 16bit consoles w/ 32X.
 Including pseudo 3D games for 16bit