ZBD=Lv.3 Games

How to load directly from a physical cassette:

Use "Spectrum Emulator v1.7" coded by Peter McGavin () in 1993.
First, create a bootable disk which contains of following:

Second, insert that disk and turn your CD32 on.  Doubleclick "Spectrum-20" icon.

 Hold right button of the Mouse,
 and choose "Other sampler".

 Next, type as following and press a RETURN key.

 LOAD ""

 How to type `LOAD "" `:
 LOAD = "J" key
 " = Hold "Alt" key + "P" key
For example, I'm going to load "Thrust" this time.
"Thrust", Publisher: Firebird, Released year: 1986

This game is 48K/128K compatible,and it doesn't have protection scheme.
Connect Analogic FDD and a tape recorder using a phone connector (3.5mm stereo).
Just play the tape.
(Of course you have to rewind the tape completely in advance.)

The game data would be loaded
After title screen appears,
the tape would end.
If your tape recorder is "auto-reverse type”,
you yourself have to stop the tape
before the tape recorder starts playing
the reverse side.

Now you can play the game.

How to do about Freeware TZX / TAP files:


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