How to play NES Freeware on SNES (Recommended):

We must buy "AD Adapter(White version)". It uses PocketNES(2012 edition) which can load nes files from micro SD card.
PocketNES was originally coded by Loopy (). After that, other coders also involved.
Only we have to do is simply copy nes file on your own micro SD card.
Insert that micro SD card to your AD Adapter, then turn your SNES console on.
Choose the game you want to play. The game would be loaded automatically.

What's "NBD" ? :

It stands for "Nes freeware Booting Difficulty on SNES+AD Adapter(White version)".
Definition & comment
All nes files.

How to play NES Freeware on CD32+FDD:

There are several programs which load NES games, however, for CD32+Analogic FDD users,
only "darkNESs" coded by Mark Van Hal () would be recommended at this time. This program is now freeware.
Download it from first, then transfer and extract to RAM: .
Copy "darkNESs_NOMMU" to a blank 880KB formatted diskette.
Add Libs/asl.library and  s/startup-sequence to that diskette.
Finally copy nes file(s) you want to play.

First, insert that darkNESs disk, then turn your CD32 on.
Click "Load" button. Then choose a nes file you want to play. The game would be loaded soon.

Unfortunately, there are many uncompatible games.
If the game cannot be loaded / showed correctly, try other programs (eg. "ANES PRO" which was coded by Morgan Johansson  ).
For example, "Driar" is compatible with ANES PRO, not darkNESs.
Note: "ANES PRO" requires 4MB Fast RAM at least.

Although some games can be loaded correctly using darkNESs, they are so sluggish on 020 CPU + 1.8MB chip RAM system.

What's "NBD" ? :

It stands for "Nes freeware Booting Difficulty on CD32+FDD".
I divide all compatible games into 3 classes. See below.
Definition & comment
~ 384KB sized nes files.
Not applicable.
512+KB sized nes file. It causes RAM shortage even if you copy it to Amiga CD / CD32 formatted CD.
It requires Fast RAM when darkNESs loads 512+KB nes file.
Titles which can be loaded using "ANES PRO" which requires 4MB Fast RAM.
To add Fast RAM, you have to buy more expensive accelerator (eg. SX series).

Where to download them from?/ How to know new games released for NES recently?

"PD Roms", one of the most famous website which informs us new homebrew game are released for vintage consoles.
Visit and click "NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM" link. You can see screenshots, download link(s).
(External Link)
Examples: See following nice platformers which are introduced at that website.

"Mojon Twins(External link)" is originally famous developer in ZX Spectrum community.
After downloaded them, see other contents of its website, then you might find other nice stuff...

Another website I like is:
(External Link)
This website sells physical copies, however, it also makes rom image files free downloadable.
I enjoyed "8 BIT XMAS" series every Xmas season. See following screenshots for examples.

You can also search for "homebrew nes" and sort by "Upload date" at Youtube .

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