How to load MSX1 freeware? :

1. Download "MSXAdvance"(External link), which was created by "FluBBa", then extract it.
2. Download "C-BIOS"(External link), which was originally created by "BouKiCHi", then extract it.
    Copy "cbios_logo_msx1.rom" & "cbios_main_msx1.rom" to the same folder that MSXAdvance.exe exists.
    *C-BIOS is an open source BIOS which is compatible with the original MSX BIOS.
      So we can use it for free without legal issue.

3. Download one free game (ROM format only!) created for MSX1.
    This time I'll show you how to play the game as an example of "Tales of Popolon", which was created by Santiago Ontañón Villar.
    In 2017, "Tales of Popolon" became the center of attention for "3D action game with a third-person perspective"
    even though it was designed for poor MSX1 system. Player can rotate by any degrees, not by 90 degrees! Highly recommended !!
    Anyway, download the game (ToP-en.rom) from the official page(External link).

4. Double-click MSXAdvance.exe. Drag "ToP-en.rom" to the left box and drop it.
    Then click "Save..." button. Now "msx.gba" has been created at the same folder that MSXAdvance.exe exists.

5. Open that "msx.gba" using a binary editor (it's enough even if it's freeware).

 Just change the first 2 bytes in the line #B0 to "30 30". Otherwise the game would not be loaded on real SNES+ AD Adapter.

 Now only you have to do is copying this "msx.gba" to your micro SD card.
 But I strongly recommend you to change the file name before copying. (eg. "msx-ToP-en.gba" )

6. Turn your SNES on, and select that "msx.gba". Title screen would be shown.

 See that official page again. It says:
 "In the title screen: Space/Trigger A to start the game, M/Trigger B to enter a password. "

 MSXAdvance's default setting (on SNES) is:
 Trigger A = B button of SNES pad
 Trigger B = A button of SNES pad.
 You can swap them. But you don't have to do so in this game.
 Press B button. The gaming screen would be shown.

 In gaming screen, left/right: rotate, up: forward, down: back, B: use primary weapon, A: use secondary weapon,
 left/right holding B: sidestep left/right. Is that all? No. See that official page again. It says:
 "1 - change your primary weapon    2 - change your secondary weapon
   3 - change your armor    P - pause the game    0 - change the gameplay viewport size"

 Press L and R buttons. It shows the option menu of MSXAdvance. Then choose "Controller".

 I showed a recommended setting above. You don't have to press "0" key because the game becomes sluggish ;)
 Press L and R buttons again, you can resume the game.
 Until you can manage to complete the first level at least, you had better save that key configuration setting.
 Press X and Start buttons. That configuration setting would be saved.

 At the beginning of the second level, you can get a password.
 If you want to play the game from the second level later, change a configuration of keys at the title screen first.

 Then press A button. It shows "Enter password" screen. Press L/R/Start/Select buttons to enter password.
 After that, you must enter "Return" key. So you have to change your setting to enter "Return" key.
 If you enter wrong words, you have to delete them entering "Back Space" key.
 So you have to change your setting to enter "Back Space" key temporally.
 After you enter correct passwords and enter "Return" key, the second level would be loaded instantly.

 Then you should change a configuration again (L=1, R=2, Start=P, Select=3).
 Resume your game now.

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